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"The Seven Deadly Sins of Labor Union Insurance" Discover the secrets of staying out of harms way and slashing premiums.

"Eleven Ways to Avoid Claims for Your Union" How many disasters do you flirt with everyday, and how can you slam the door on possible claims? COMING SOON

"The General Liability Labor Union Risk Management Plan" You can't afford to ignore this report.  Special insurance needs for unions deserve special attention!

"The Seven Point Union Trustee Checklist" Discover why leaving one box un-checked could mean disaster for a trustee's financial future!

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The Labor Union Insurance Center

A Division of the Anderson Insurance and Investment Agency, Inc.

Located in the United Labor Centre

312 Central Ave SE
Suite 392
Minneapolis, MN 55414

toll free phone (866)710-3030

toll free fax (866)810-3030